Facilities at Gurukul

Education is not only about imparting knowledge to students. It is also about making them learn to implement it in life.

Teachers & Mentors

We have a large pool of highly experienced and talented teaching staff having innate passion to teach. We believe that a committed and knowledgeable faculty is the backbone of successful delivery of education to children. Our teachers are experts in their fields – in knowledge, in flexibility, in commitment and in motivational skills and they realise this passion by engaging with the young people. An optimum student strength is maintained in the class so that the teacher is able to focus adequate time and attention on their students.

Leadership & Interpersonal Skills

Each teacher plays the role of a mentor and takes on responsibility of grooming children. Teachers work closely with students in the classroom and one-on-one in small groups outside the classroom to support their English language needs in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

We understand that no one is a born intellectual and success cannot be achieved by intelligence alone. The complete team work is required for a student success, in this regard various activities are organized by faculty members to inculcate and develop responsible behaviour and leadership among students.

Independence & initiative

Gurukul strongly believes in disciplined and a strict daily routine, but at the same time, the student has the independence to work, explore and research using his imagination and creativity. The student is allowed to take initiative for various tasks that enable him /her to set an example amongst his classmates and schoolmates. He/she is allowed to pursue hobbies and do things independently.

Education for life – A range of opportunities

Intellectual curiosity & challenge

The teaching methodology has been developed with lot of research and analysis that helps the student overcome all sorts of intellectual curiosity. The learning that they get from expert faculty members is a great support for them to constantly try and figure out the things, like what is the process, how is it done, why is it done, what are the other ways of doing it, so on and so forth. When this intellectual curiosity advances in one’s mind he tries to do various things himself/herself and then comes across new challenges. At this juncture he/she needs a Guru, a mentor; a guide who can hold his/her hand and teach him/her to face the challenges and that is what Gurukul is all about.

Family & Community

As mentioned earlier, CP Gurukul is like a ‘second home’ for your child where he/she lives in a family of his/her classmates, friends, teachers; learns amidst natural environment yet fully equipped classrooms and grows to become what he/she wants to be in life. Gurukul provides the feeling of being in a close community and learning the lessons of living in it along with all the fellow beings. It helps the students learn the social norms and rules of living in a society.

Clubs & Activities

In addition to our academic programmes, we offer an extensive array of extra-curricular activities with an assortment of clubs like science club, eco-club and social responsibility services among others.

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Making Champions in Sports

Career Point Gurukul has brought together a complete range of indoor and outdoor games for its children. Internationally acclaimed coaches help in bringing perfection and fine tuning their skills. Students participate regularly in inter school, inter zone and inter-state tournaments, which focus them and discipline them to achieve results in comparative environment. Our philosophy of we shall be there with you till you become champions gives them courage and hope to become true champions.


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