Ultimate aim of learning is to secure a rightful career as per aspirations of students. Learning should be pursued to launch pad a desired career in life which student and parent have dreamt of in life, be it Engineering, Medicine, Defense, Commerce or any field of matching talent. In today’s competitive world, early you start, better you are prepared. Right focus, right direction and right approach at right time ensure a successful career and life. CP-Gurukul has evolved a scientifically designed stress-free Integrated Coaching Program synchronized with School education to fulfill the dreams of aspiring students aiming for success in IIT-JEE, NEET, AIIMS, KVPY, NDA, and NTSE& Olympiads etc.

Under School synchronized Integrated Coaching Program, school learning is followed by preparation for Competitive Exams. through advanced level illustrations, Worksheets AND Exercise Sheets. The topics which were taken up from NCERT books during School time are being extended to the level of Competitive Exams (like NTSE, IJSO, OLYMPIADS etc. for 6th to 10thand IIT-JEE, NEET, AIIMS, KVPY & NDA etc. for 11th to 12th) during Integrated Coaching time in evening by the same expert faculty from Kota. This School synchronized Coaching approach produces wonderful results.

Expert Faculty form Kota:

Our faculty team comprises of highly qualified and experienced teachers with outstanding academic record. They all are expert in their subject and committed to the success of our students. The best faculty team has been sent to CP-Gurukul Mohali from a team of 350 members at Kota. Most of our faculty members are IITians, NITians and Doctors with rich experience.


Our R&D team at head office Kota has devised special Study Material that is well-researched, result-oriented and relevant based on latest pattern of competitive exams. Study in coaching classes in evening is focused on this Course-ware. Material contains theory on basic concepts, illustrative examples, important tips and Exercise Sheets in increasing level of difficulty so that student can in a gradual and smooth manner. FOCUS Course, ACTION Course, MISSION Course, AIM Course, PRE-FOUNDATION Course, FOUNDATION Course and TARGET Course have been devised for 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th& 12th class students by our R&D team at KOTA. Faculty members ensure that each student solves and follows respective Course in totality to enhance problem solving ability


To ensure day by day progress, after every lecture class, students are given set of 8-10 challenging multi-conceptual questions in form of DPPS, scientifically designed to give in-depth understanding of concepts & application taught in class, just after the lecture. DPPS is an effective tool for memory retention and revision of lecture before next lecture is taken up by teacher. Separate Registers have been assigned to each student to solve each and every question of DPPS before coming to next class to ensure effective monitoring of performance.


To give personal attention to each student even outside the classrooms, faculty members remain available at Doubt Removal Counters. If an individual student feels that some topic / questions / statement are not clear then he/she may clarify these at Doubt Removal Counters in one-to-one interaction mode.


Self-study is hallmark for success in any competitive exam. Many students may either ignore or take self-study lightly in Hostel. To ensure proper self-study, CP-Gurukul has provided special Reading Halls which offer space to focus on subject matters under supervision of faculty members in peaceful and modern ambience. Campus resident faculty members remain present in Reading Halls during self-study time even at night to clear doubts of students on the spot.


To keep students motivated and to improve performance, seminars are organized on various topics like,

  • Smart Study Techniques
  • How to attempt question paper
  • How to prepare Notes
  • Revision Technique
  • How to improve speed and accuracy
  • Time Management, Confidence Building & Positive Thinking etc.
Students are motivated to achieve their goal through audio-visual clippings and various inspirational examples.

Pre-recorded lectures of star faculty members of Kota are available in Knowledge Lab for individual understanding of the topic, effective revision and to cover the left portion of the class due to absenteeism or any other reason.


Academic Control through Course Control Sheets to ensure timely completion of Course along with the best quality teaching so that revision can also be undertaken effectively.


Student and parent can check details like attendance, Test Results, Performance Analysis and Solution to Exercise Sheets etc. on Career Point Gurukul website using their unique User ID & Password allotted to every parent.


Mentors are assigned to each student to take care of their all academic and non-academic issues throughout the session.


Campus resident faculty members are accessible to students round the clock. Students are free to get any query solved by faculty members even after class hours as per their convenience.

Foundation Years (Grade 6th to 10th): Foundation Years program aim excellence in school academics integrated with preparation for prestigious scholarship exams like NTSE, Olympiadsand layingstrong foundation for future competitive exams like JEE, NEET etc.
Target Years (Grade 11th, 12th and 12th pass): Target Years program covers School Academics and integrated preparation for JEE, NEET etc.


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