Parent's Reviews

Thanks to GP Gurukul…

“इसमें कोई संदेह नही की CP gurukul mohali एक बहुत अच्छा इंस्टिट्यूट है, हमने जब एडमिशन कराया था तब यह उसी साल ओपन हुआ था, और प्रथम प्रयास में ही मेरे बेटे को MBBS में एडमिशन मिल गया व 12th में भी 95.6% no आये हम तो sir ब प्रिंसिपल mam, ब सभी टीचर्स के शुक्रगुजार है, हमे इतना अच्छा स्कूल मिला, ब हमारे सपनो को सच किया, Thanks to cp gurukul mohali, director sir and whole staff.”

Parents of Parth Mehrotra

One of my best decision of life…

At CPGurukul the Management Staff and the Coaching Staff is competent enough to make the student succeed at highest level. Every member of the CPG is quite supporting and always motivating the children to remain in high spirits. Study environment, doubt clearing by teachers , discipline maintenance and top food quality are some of the features which definitely needs a special mention. Finally I will end up saying sending my daughter in CPG proved to be one of my best decision of life.

Parents of Sakshi – 12th IIT-JEE

CPG really well disciplined school…

My son Luke has joined CPG last year and now he is in Grade 10. I am really thankful to school Director to answer my call from abroad and guide me wisely. I brought my son from Qatar to India to study in Career Point Gurukul (Mohali). CPG is really well disciplined school and they have well organized teaching system. I am sure the CPG team will make sure that my son comes out with flying colors. My son has improved a lot all because of the effort made by the CPG team. I am thankful to Principal and other team members to take care of my child.

Mother of Luke – 10th, from Qatar

Most qualitative school

Although we do love and miss our children a lot here, but we are happy that they are getting the *best education* at one of the most qualitative schools in Punjab which provide them both academic course, crash courses and excellent curriculum facilities.

Another important thing at *CPG* is the School *Rules and Regulations which is appropriate to the disciplined student’s life*. Gradually we do noticed the changes in our children, in their *self-discipline, self-help and the adaption to others in the society*. We believe that when they grown up, the basics they gained here will mould them as a good citizens of the society.

Proud Parents
Sonia & Naveen Garg 
Shubham (11th, IIT-JEE) & Maithly Garg (9th 4 year Program for NEET)

Such wonderful environment and facility

Being a parents of girl child our first priority is security and we found that CPG is best place to having this facility. Also this is the best place for those student who wants to achieve their goals in this competitive world. Thanks to CPG to providing a such wonderful environment and facility.

Parents of Mahi Verma – 11th, IIT-JEE

School has high standards, a great caring

We are absolutely delighted with our son progress.We are impressed by the faculty of CPG they are very positive attitude and good behaviour.The school has high standards, a great caring atmosphere.We see progress in our son abilities and his enthusiasm for learning across all subject.Thank you for everything that CPG have done for our son…Specially thankful to Director sir n Principal ma’am .

Parents of Kavya Arora – 10th

Staffs are really very helpful

We are delighted to share our experience about CPG mohali. CPG is the place where students get opportunity to develop there overall personality. Teaching and nonteaching staffs are really very helpful. Principal mam and director Sir are giving personnel attention to students and they are also connected with parents via WhatsApp. Besides study school is facilitated with various sports activity to keep students relaxed. we are very satisfied that our son is in safe hands. It is like 2nd home for him. Thanks to CPG team for all efforts.
Best wishes.

Parents of Aryan Bhardwaj – 7th, Dubai

My son is studying in one of the finest schools

I, Vinod Godara being the father of Aditya Godara is very happy that my son is studying in one of the finest schools. I believe that CPG is a family which provides my kid all the safety and care he needs. The school focuses a lot on academics and sports which is a great thing. Studying in CPG my son has learned many good things and i am sure he’ll learn many more in this whole journey. At the end i would just like to say that i am glad i sent my son to CPG.

Vinod Godara 
Father of Aditya Godara – 8th

Highest standards of safety and responsibleness

As it promises, Career Point Gurukul surely provides best in class faculty and an excellent atmosphere for all round development of the students. And I cannot prove my point more, that my all three children are studying here at CPG. I am based out of Nepal, but the granular level of student focus and the highest standards of safety and responsibleness by the school staff keeps me satisfied and unworried. Every mother’s first concern; my wife is very happy with the quality and variety of food served and hygiene standards maintained by the school as we ourselves has had the opportunity to eat at the school dining during our visits. This is our biggest relief. With easing modes of communication, the school remains in constant touch with the parents providing real time reporting of the development of the children. A special mention and thanks to Director Sir, for his considerate approach that gives a personalized touch to the parent – institution relationship.

Ajay & Lalita Nahata, Nepal 
Parents of Urvansh, Suryansh and Saloni Nahata

Preparing students for future education, growth and development

CP Gurukul Mohali has been our partner in parenting and educating our son SANKALP. The values that are important to us are reflected in CPG. We are blessed to belong to the CPG Mohali community. CPG has provided a safe and comfortable environment to our son to learn and develop. The curriculum encourages independent as well as team learning experiences, allowing the children to develop skills in these areas that are critical in further education and the work environment.
Beyond the core education that our son is receiving, so important to his experience is the environment where this he is achieving. Classes are small and the education is personal. The teachers know their students and can tailor their efforts to individual student needs. CPG provides a high quality, value based education in a family-type environment, successfully preparing students for their future education, growth and development.
This school is a community of caring teachers, students and parents. There is so much more than excellent academics being taught here. We could send our son to any of the wonderful schools here in Chandigarh/Delhi NCR but at CPG, our son is able to learn faith based values. This is extremely important to me in a world that I believe is losing the focus on God and family. The same love and safety our son feel at home is being carried over in CPG.
We also appreciate the excellent communication, including daily/weekly class updates on whatsapp/websites, prompt responses to our queries, and phone messages with reminders from the Director and principal.
CPG is a place to be challenged, and students learn and grow in so many ways. It’s a community where our child’s values is nourished and surrounded by examples not spoken in words, but in actions. CPG focuses on so many important values like service, humanity, kindness and courage. CPG will always be a blessing to our family.

Sanjib Chaudhary & Nishtha Chaudhary from KOLKATA 
Parents of Sankalp Chaudhry – 11th, IIT-JEE

Highly qualified and experienced faculty

Students after matric run from one institute to the other for coaching classes and ultimately loose valuable time. I also tried to find a perfect school and best coaching institute for my son. But for one reason or the other i could not get one. Then i visited the campus of career point gurukul at mohali and found that it is best boarding school where the students gets the best education and coaching classes by the expert teachers from kota (Rajasthan). CPG provided my son the best studying enviourment, homely hostel, excellant food in the mess and above all the highly qualified and experienced teaching faculty of cpg who stay among the students in a friendly manner and teach them. With great vision of Director CPG and highly devoted Principal CPG and excellant teaching faculty of CPG, I am sure my son would achieve great success in life. Thanks CPG for providing my son good environment and excellant coaching.

Puranjay – 12th, IIT-JEE

It is a great school, good value for money

We are very happy that our child is in CPG, Mohali. Moreover, our child is loving it. We appreciate the personalised attention by management, teachers and staff to the overall development of the child. Truly speaking – it is a great school, good value for money.
We wish CPG Mohali a bright future.

Best Regards
Ch. Priyobrata Singh 
F/O Shinthoi Chingakham – 12th Commerce/ CA Foundation

Great School, great faculty, great all around!!

It was our dream always to provide the best education to our daughter especially during her Medical career, especially in this generation of extreme competiveness we were fortunate enough to come across an institution as CP Gurukul wherein we truly believe that our child’s future will be in best hands.
It was our privilege to meet Mrs. Neetu Saini (Principal-CPG) in the Educational Fair being conducted in Dubai, after our meeting we felt assured that we found the solution we were in search with respect to our Child’s Education.
Considering from all aspects required for quality education such as the best Campus, the labs, the extracurricular activities all lead to us in deciding that CP Gurukul was our best choice.
I am sure that the team in CP GURUKUL will exceed our expectations and our daughter will come up as an excellent product & we look forward to see in the coming years.

Mr. Rohit Sharma & Mrs. Parul Sharma from Dubai 
Parents of Riya Karpoor – 11th NEET/AIIMS

Gurukul Career Point, Best Decision of our life..

Gurukul Career Point ….
Has been the Best Decision of our life for our son RehanArya of class 8th…

Before finalizing this institute for our ward, we had visited 5 other schools but the kind of staff n warm ambience we found here was unavailable anywhere else ….
In these past 6 months we have seen commendable changes in our son…. he has become

  1. Responsible
  2. Mature
  3. Gregarious
  4. Free of scrupulous gadgets which had handicapped him
  5. Inclined towards self-study
  6. Disciplined….

Our Heartiest Thanks to the school management and staff for helping us carve out Rehan to be a worthy citizen of our future world….

Parents of Rehan Arya

“Highly efficient and co-operative staff members”

We feel immense pleasure in saying that Career Point Gurukul is a complete educational hub with highly efficient and co-operative staff members with healthy competitive environment. Not only studies even physical health (daily yoga and fix play hours) is equally considered here. Campus is lush green, clean with nutritious and sumptuous buffet. We are highly contented and appreciate the environment where our children are being nurtured to face the tough competition of their respective careers.
All the very best

Dr Rajinder Chutani & Dr Abha Chutani
Parents of Kushagar Chutani

“Fullconfidence on Gurukul”

Career Point Gurukul is fabulous academy for students for self-standing in there career and the teachers of Gurukul are hardworking, nice, and they make a healthy relationship between them and their students. We have fullconfidence on Gurukul.

Mr. Vaneet Gupta & Mrs. Anshul GuptaParents of Sagar & Supriya Gupta

“Thank You Team CPG, from Australia”

My name is Manta and I’m from Australia. I am also the proud mawshi of Rahul Sharma who is currently in +1 non-med.In April 2018 I had the opportunity to visit CPG along with my sister and nephew Rahul. At first, I was very nervous about the whole idea of leaving my nephew who has never been away from home or away from his family. However, after meeting some of the very dedicated staff and the Director Mr Umed on the first day, I felt a bit better however I was still not convinced.

The magic happened when we all stayed in the campus of CPG for 3 days. During those 3 days I had the chance of meeting other parents and students of Year 8 and Year 9. Some students were as nervous as we were, while others were just fine and welcoming.During those 3 days, we got to experience the ethos of CPG and meet almost the whole family of CPG including the warden, cooks, teachers, guards, the nurse, the admin staff, the director and the principal. All of them were very dedicated and helpful.It is apparent that it is the dedication of the senior staffs within the school that an example is being set for all staffs and even the students. It is evident that all of the staffs are committed to their job and enjoy what they do.

They aim to make the students and their families feel welcome and at home, reducing the stress of such an important time in the student’s lives. If you are looking for a boarding school which will cater for both academic progress and well-being of your child, then look no further. CPG is the one. Thank You CPG Team for all your hard work and effort.


MantaMawshi of Rahul Sharma

“An excellent home like environment”

An remarkable improvement I found on my son Manav after his admission in CPG Mohali. An excellent home like environment, best faculty, beautiful surroundings and a safe and secure place to achieve his goals gave me full satisfaction. The advance education system helps the children to cope up in an outer world with full confidence. We are very proud to be the part of CPG Gurukul Mohali.

Mr. Devender Rawat & Mrs. Usha Rawat – From UttarakhandParents of Manav Rawat – 10th

“All worries were removed after joining CP Gurukul”

I am not only delighted but got a satisfaction after getting my daughter admitted in Non-medical +1 in Career Point Gurukul. For the security of our daughter for which we were worried about is also removed and we are carefree regarding her Career as she got good facilities, guidance and well qualified staff over there. Here the child is taken care of mental, physical and intellectual development. The child is fully prepared and appreciated for the I.I.T. competitive exam, which is the best part of CP Gurukul. Related to health prospective there is arrangement of Yoga, Sports and Healthy Meals. Due to Director Sir’s and Principal Maam’s endless and hard efforts the School is definitely going to rise and flourish a lot.

Mr. Gurubaksh Singh Pannu & Mrs. Karamjit Pannu – From Kotkapura (Punjab)Parents of Harmandeep Kaur Pannu – 11th (I.I.T. Mains & Adv.)

“We are proud and lucky parents”

Career Point Gurukul is lush green eco-friendly residential School. We are proud and lucky parents to get our kids enrolled in this prestigious organisation. This School has unique feature of collaborative studies and integrated coaching that makes it very special. Moreover, healthy mind can only work in healthy body for that school authorities take utmost care by providing heathy and delicious food and also by providing various sports activities.

Dr. Sunil Taneja & Dr. AmandeepParents of Jasmine class 8th & Krishiv of class 7th

“CPG’s: A way to success”

Career Point Gurukul is not just an ordinary boarding school; it is a unique school providing schooling coaching and boarding facilities in the campus only.My son is studying in class 11th here and also preparing for NEET with unique concept of School integrated Coaching. Here he likes the atmosphere better than at home.

The teaching and management staff including mess staff is very cooperative. There is Students Welfare Cell also.

From dusk to dawn, teachers are with the Children and the teachers even play and eat with them. There is no barrier between teachers and students. School is giving 24×7 Security and even arrange outing for students for refreshment. The School aims to deal with overall development of the child. Ultimately, it depends upon the child how much output he gives as no school is complete without students. “Students build the school”

My child, Chaitanya is a NEET aspirant, I being a father has faith on him and on the school that my child will pass with flying colours from CPG.

Mr. Dr. Jog Raj Gera – From Yamunanagar (Haryana)Father of Chaitanya Gera – 11th NEET/AIIMS

“An institution of sworn success”

“Career Point Gurukul” is truly no less than a complete Institution in every aspect. Also it widens our outlook on scope creating healthy competitive spirit among students. We have got the opportunity to study at CP Gurukul and believe us we have not imagined such a place even in our dreams. A nice campus with a nice environment and excellent faculty team. We are getting delicious food here. The way of teaching is superb and different from traditional ways. The faculty members are very intelligent. They are very cooperative and support us by all means, we are feeling awesome here and we are enjoying our studies.

We experience unique blend of quality education in wonderful concept of school integrated coaching for competitive exams and exceptionally good teaching supportive staff with caring hand + hostel which we were looking for our daughter.

Mr. S. Manjindur Singh Brar (Advocate) – From Faridkot (Punjab)Father of Azeem Brar – 11th NEET/AIIMS

“CPG’s got what’s the best for her”

While my daughter was studying in the 10th standard and got her goals focused into the medical field, we searched out looking for suitable schools staying abroad, we starched for schools all across India, where in she would get good residential enviroment along with integrated coaching facilities for NEET preparations. Moreover, since she had been studying in DUBAI, our main concern was to get her into a child friendy environment, where getting along wouldn’t be a difficulty. We believe, Career Point Gurukul is the right choice. What really pressed us to choose this school is the individual attention and doubt clearing sessions, which is almost impossible in any other institution.

Mr. Sreeraj V.K. & Mrs. Sumida Sreeraj – From DUBAIParents of Parvathi – 11th NEET/AIIMS

“The Teachers and staff are very caring and helpful”

I am happy with my choice of school for my daughter further entrance preparation. I like the fact that the teachers and staff are very caring and helpful. She gets individualized attention than she had before, I believe the whole curriculum is great. My daughter needed was a challenge and opportunity to show her abilities. That’s what Career Point Gurukul offers. The outings and responsibilities taken by herself helped her to come out of the eggshell and made her a responsible and independent child, which was only given by Career Point Gurukul. Principal madam and Director sir are very caring and helpful and make feel her like home. They value and respect all the rituals, festivals and functions which grow a responsibility in every child to follow their whole life.

Thanks to Career Point Gurukul and may god reward it grow day by day. Good food provided by Career Point Gurukul Mess help her to keep fit and healthy. As for their support distance has been minimized.

Mr. Rajesh Kasera & Mrs. Kirty Kasera – From DIGBOI (ASSAM)Parents of Charvi Kasera – 11th NEET/AIIMS

“Ideal Platform for future”

Being in Dubai, we always wanted our daughter to get the best of schooling and also prepare her for the competitive exams for the future in India. Solutions came in the form of CP Gurukul.

We came across the Education fare in Dubai and glad to meet Mrs. Neetu Saini, Principal of CP Gurukul , there. At the very looks of it, we knew, we had a solution in hand.


Formalities being taken care, we saw the sprawling campus, adequately equipped with all the aspects of quality education. The extracurricular activities being taken care and the pool added, was an immense boost to our confidence level.

I’m sure, seeing my daughter coming out with flying colors, is a matter of time now. I know everybody in CP Gurukul will ensure to do that.

Mr. Dhiman Roy & Mrs. Roy – From DUBAIParents of Somdyuti Roy – 11th NEET/AIIMS

“School Integrated Coaching is unmatchable”

“While searching for boarding schools in India. I was captivated by the perfection of Career Point Gurukul staying away, we wanted a perfect enviroment for out daughter as well as integrated coaching for NEET Preparation. The school provides a platform for overall growth & lays due emphasis on curving a successful career. The school has a delightful infrastructures & a team of extremely hardworking and dedicated teachers and the aura of the school has made my daughter more hardwarking and sincere towards her studies. Above all the magnificence of the institute is in delectable”

Mr. Shiji Jacob & Mrs. Anu Jacob – From DUBAIParents of Jane Mary Jacob – 11th NEET/AIIMS

“Safe environment & secure future”

All initial apprehensions and worries about sending my daughter to a boarding school with a safe environment for securing a bright future for her were put to rest when we entered the sprawling campus of CP Gurukul Mohali Chandigarh.

Along with the excellent study environ, the school places emphasis on good health of all children with regular activities like Yoga, Games and also hones the artistic talent of the child with extracurricular activities like Dance, Music, and Fine arts in a relaxed and stress free atmosphere.

The food and boarding facilities provided by the school are excellent. After entrusting my daughter in the hands trained and caring staff of CP Gurukul, Mohali, I am glad that my daughter has found a HOME away from home.

Dr. Rupali Mehrotra & Dr. Ashish Mehrotra – Mohamdi Kheri, (UP)Parents of Niharika (class 6th)

“Schooling, Coaching, & Boarding under one roof”

Its amazing to be part of Career Point Gurukul. I had seen 10-12 boarding schools but this school have great atmosphere for children having good academics, discipline, good food and special attention for each child. Under the one roof we are getting the benefits of schooling, coaching and boarding. Me and my family is very happy with the performance of my child and school.

Dr. Kamal Girotra & Dr. Savita Girotra – (Haryana)Parents of Bhavya (class 11th, preparing for AIPMT)

“Best infrastructure and student ratio”

I was looking for a school which gave my child an opportunity to grow in an atmosphere conducive to learning with no stress. Career Point Gurukul gave the best platform to learn and enjoy the school days. I am extremely happy with the teaching and curriculum at Career Point Gurukul.

The school has very good infrastructure, using the latest teaching aids and has the best student ratio to make the process of learning much more effective. My child gets access to great standards of education at a very affordable price.

Brajesh Singh Guleria, Kangra (HP)Parents of Rizul (class 11th, preparing for AIPMT)

“Excellent coaching with life skills”

“My son has joined Career Point Gurukul, Mohali just a month back. I am really elated to congratulate Career Point Gurukul Mohali for providing excellent and constructive environment for my son’s education, coaching as well for the development of his life skills. Establishment of Gurukul by Career Point Kota at Mohali will surely address the needs of aspirants of North India and will unleash and elevate the student’s potential to greater heights.

Thanks to Principal & Director for providing homely environment to the students. I wish good luck for the future of the Gurukul.”

Mr. Gardharav Singh Pathania, Kangra (HP)Parents of Kshitiz Pathania (class 11th, preparing for IIT)

“Best system and best faculty”

We the parents of Sagar & Samridh of classes 8th & 6th are very happy to share our experiences about the school, it’s system & faulty. Our children have been studying in this school for last one month. In this school the children are given the freedom whenever they want to be. Being a career oriented not just academics but also other fields like music, sports, painting & amongst others are given due importance.

The small class size, extensive art programme, safe environment & supportive staff made Career Point Gurukul a favourite school of ours. We have been thoroughly impressed by the capabilities & professionalism of Gurukul’s management. This residential coaching institute can resolve most of the problems that the Indian Education System is facing with regard to high tech & latest mechanism involved in strengthening the roots.

The school treats all its students as one big family. This builds their confidence & inspires them for the betterment of world. Physical activities like sports & other extracurricular activities make our little ones more active & ensure that they have a motivated mind. Every child is considered an individual personality & his strength is promoted & weaknesses are handled with expertise. The school is beautifully situated around greenery so that the children are so close to nature & pollution free environment.

I would highly recommend this school to my friends & others as well. Good going C.P.Gurukul keep it up. I wish you all the very best. Thanks.

Mrs. Neelam Rawat – DelhiMother of Samridh Rawat and Sagar Rawat (class 6th & 8th)

“Overall development with studies”

We are lucky enough to be part of CP Gurukul, as this school is up to mark as per our expectations and as we were searching for a long time. The aim the school is not just studies but here the overall development of the children is taken care of. The schedule of the day is so well planned that children can utilize their each and every minute in a meaningful manner.

I am very satisfied to put my son in CP Gurukul, Mohali and now relaxed for his future too.

Mr. Vishal Jhamb – Kharar, PunjabParents of Neil Jhamb (class 9th)

“Academic & personal support in stress free enviornment”

Thank you for your continuous support to students at CP Mohali. They are really feeling at home. I would further like to appriciate your efforts for better enviorment being given to student for education. They are further exposed to Yoga as well as sports facilities to drain out their stress and to remain more active for studies. They are performing. They are improving. And they are growing. We are quite relaxed that kids are at right place. A place which is a home away from home.

Thank you for your sincere efforts.

Mr. Sanjay Goyal – Nabha, PunjabFather of Abhishek & Sachin (class 9th)

“Best Supportive Faculty Members at CP Gurukul”

We are proud parents of Karanvir Singh who is studying in class 11th and preparing for I.I.T Entrance.System of education of integrated coaching at Career Point Gurukul, Mohali is amazing. All faculty members from KOTA are very supportive. Self study in separate Reading Hall along with Faculty members even at night is unthinkable. My son is happy in the perfect environment for preparation for I.I.T.

Mr. Gurdeep Singh – Ludhiana, PunjabParents of Karanvir Singh (class 11th, preparing for IIT)

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