Technology Support

Student Parent Zone: Special Communication Support System via Student Parent Zone provides all relevant information to students and parents just on a mouse click. Parents and students login to get information like Attendance, Test Performance, Test Analysis, Test Solutions and even exam information. This technology guides students to the extent that in which subjects performed poor and in which chapter student was weak. A special section with the name ‘ Student Parent Zone’ has been created on our website where student and parent can login to access various information as :

Student Details: Student’s personal details, Course Enrolled Details and fee deposition details.

Student Attendance: Daily attendance of students are available on website.

Solution of Excercise Sheets: Solutions of Excercise Sheets are also available in this section for quick referencve.

Student Performance details: Parents and students can see the Test Results online along with detailed Performance Analysis Report.

Support to Parent Queries: Parents can ask any query related to their wards or any academic activity through this section.

Exam Information: This section contains information about various forthcoming Competitive Exams.

Download: Old exam question papers, Pracrice Test Papers etc. are available in this section.

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