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Discover the top girlsboarding school that has been empowering young women. Our rigorous academic program, supportive community, and world-class facilities prepare our students for success in life. Explore our campus and apply today.

CP Mohali is one of the best boarding schools for girls, with amenities representing proficiency in every category. The instruments have been properly planned to support the kid’s educational experience and overall growth. Our classroom serves as a place for instruction for living and a classroom. Girls’ Boarding School in Chandigarh, CP Mohali, strives to help scholars develop intellectually and mentally to improve their cerebral skills. Their daily tasks have been taken into consideration when creating a strict timetable. Every pupil at CP Mohali is important and is viewed as a blessing from God. Every kid receives individualised support and care.

The top CBSE Girls Boarding School in Chandigarh is situated on acres of ground in a verdant, clean environment. The school building has cutting-edge work design and includes all modern amenities for instilling treasured values, growing a person’s overall personality, and transforming the developing intellect into a real hub of creative thinking. CP Mohali provides an environment that enables children to investigate, comprehend, acquire knowledge and enjoy every little aspect surrounding us with a distinctively compassionate touch. Additionally, we provide our learners with the strength and belief necessary to overcome difficulties head-on.
The Gurukul system has been skillfully incorporated at CP Mohali, named the best residential school. Its proficiency in aesthetics, simplicity, and society, as well as contemporary practices and tradition, help learners advance in the innovations that run the modern age.

At the best Girls Boarding CBSE Schools, the general growth of those pupils is the main emphasis of the method of instruction and learning. To this end, different art, literature, and other kinds of competitions/contests are periodically conducted.

For the developmental stages of both boys and girls, the school strongly emphasises athletics and activities. The school currently offers amenities for various sports, including basketball, football, cricket, lawn tennis, netball, carrom, chess,kho-kho, karate, gymnastics, roller skating, athletics, and horse riding.

Learning and Growing Together

At Girls’ boarding school, our primary goal is to help your daughter reach her full potential through university-level education emphasising holistic character development. Our faculty work closely with students to help them develop intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.

Patronage of Experiences & Experienced Teachers

Our highly experienced faculty creates enriching learning experiences every day- guiding students through interactive lessons and instilling in them a desire for life-long learning and academic excellence; this ensures that graduates are well prepared for their next steps in life, be it college or their careers.

Highly Experienced Faculty
Our faculty comprises highly experienced teachers passionate and dedicated to providing the best education. With a focus on nurturing and mentoring, they will ensure that your daughter’s educational journey is a successful one.

Leadership & Life Skills
Our comprehensive curriculum teaches students how to lead, collaborate and solve problems independently so that they can lead a successful and fulfilling life in the future.

A Rich Cultural Experience
From events such as Eid-ul-Fitr and the Diwali celebrations to education trips, CP Mohali offers various activities that cultivate an appreciation for different cultures and lifestyles.

Excellent Academic Programs
CP Mohali is the Girls Boarding School that offers excellent academic programs designed to bring out the best in each student. Our curriculum has been tailored to meet the needs of our students and ensure that they excel in all areas of learning.

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